Friday, May 30, 2014

A Graduate

He's done it!

without pomp or ceremony,
the Man-Boy
fulfilled his High School requirements.
We chose to homeschool to the end
(with a public school Wood Shop class)
and now,
he moves on.
He has chosen to forgo
a ceremony
and party
but we are proud of him.
Not because he's done some great things
(which he has);
not because he's handsome, charming and funny
(which he is);
not because he's got his life all figured out
(because he hasn't);
not because of all he will accomplish
(which is much);
but simply because he
He is an amazing child
of the great Creator
who breathed life into him
and declared that it is good
that he IS.
And that alone is reason enough
for us to be proud of him.
We love you son!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Yesterday, for the first time,
I referred to myself as "middle-aged".
As soon as the word was uttered
it struck me as bizarre.
Then this morning, as I was contemplating this new blog,
I thought to myself,
"Your other blog is only a few years old and
here you are,
a middle-aged woman,
starting a new one."
And then I thought,
"That is such a bizarre outlook!"
I used to think that I believed in Destiny
but more recently have come to realize
that I really believe in
Where Destiny is rooted in the limited,
(a beginning and an end)
Purpose is rooted in The Unlimited,
(no beginning and no end, but eternal).
We all have a purpose,
or more accurately,
many purposes.
To say that one did not fulfill one's destiny
suggests an end, that there is no more.
But to realize that there is purpose to every life
opens the realm of The Unlimited.
Some may live more glamorously, more peacefully
or more, seemingly, productively
than others,
but it does not mean that those who have lived less so
have no purpose or have wasted their lives.
No life is wasted.
We all have purpose.
So, rather than second guessing myself by asking things like,
"What are you doing starting a new blog in the crux of middle age?"
I, instead, realize that this new blog is absolutely
appropriate for where I am right now.
The other blog served a different purpose,
 had a different voice,
was more guarded,
and reflected where I was then.
Now, I am in a place of
unguarded honesty
(I hope!),
am more "real"
(I hope!),
and am closer to becoming
the fullness of who I was created to be...
even that last statement suggests an end
or a destination,
doesn't it?
And so it goes...
the thoughts and ramblings of one woman,
on her own journey,
simply trying to keep it real.