Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The End of an Era

Four years, two months and twenty-three days
after my mom passed away;
on November 30, 2014,
my dad went to join her.
I have gone through the last month in a bit of a haze
and can barely account for the time.
I know (and am glad) that Christmas is over
and have realized that as this year comes to an end,
so ends an era.
I have never thought that my parents would live forever,
but never did I think that they would be gone while 
I was still in my forties.
Neither one of them will be present at any more holiday gatherings.
Neither will attend any of my children's weddings.
Neither will be here to meet my grandchildren.

I am now the sole source,
 to my children,
 of family stories, timelines
and oral histories
(gosh, I hope I keep it all straight).
I am now solely responsible for making
holidays fun & memorable
and for continuing on with family traditions
(I hope I succeed).
And though I know that countless others
have become orphans at a much younger age than I have,
it is still strange to fathom.
But life is what we make it
will be the beginning of a 
new & wonderful

Happy New Year