Friday, January 30, 2015

Two Months and Heart-Sick

What is it about the death of some
that brings out the worst in people?

It only took a few hours
for some
 to make my dad's passing
all about them.

It has been two months since he left
and I have witnessed enough ugliness
in people
to last me a lifetime.

It has left me feeling

My parents had forty years together
before my mom passed away.

Each one carried "baggage" to their relationship
which at times
 threatened to destroy them.
Yet they persisted.

Together they
encountered ups and downs;
experienced losses and triumphs;
shared successes and failures;
had struggles and enjoyed comforts;
shed tears and reveled in laughter.

They had two children
and six grandchildren
 for forty years,
 they worked hard.

And though the behavior of others
has made me heart-sick
and one would attempt to steal
 all my parents worked so hard for,
I will focus on that which 
  can never be taken
and will always remain ~
a Lifetime of