Thursday, July 31, 2014

Beotch, please!

The other night I watched a 1964 film called
"The Americanization of Emily"
with James Garner and
Julie Andrews.
It takes place in England during WWII.
He plays an American officer in the US Army
and she plays a nurse in the Royal Army.

Her character, Emily,
is a woman who has lost
 a husband, brother and her dad
in war related incidences.
Because of this
she has built some walls and defense mechanisms
to help protect her from the pain of losing loved ones.

His character, Charlie,
is cocky, arrogant, self-pleased and a little bit funny.

Needless to say, they fall in love.
Charlie asks Emily to marry him and after much
vacillating and rationalizing,
she finally agrees.

But as Charlie is about to board an airplane
which will take him to his station from which he will
storm Normandy,
they have a bit of a spat and
Emily tells him that she won't marry him.

Clearly frustrated, Charlie goes on a bit of a rant
and basically tells her that she has allowed fear to rule her
and keep her from being happy.
He evenly says to her,
"Emily, you are a bitch."
And it's true.
She was.
Although she was a caring nurse to the wounded,
the walls and defense mechanisms she had built around her
had caused her to adopt an air of superiority.

This scene from the movie caused me to reflect on
current American society
in which a large group of girls/women have
fallen into what seems to be a trend of
 the "Bitch Attitude".

While I understand that there are
reason and circumstances which have contributed to
and have led them there,
it doesn't make it right or good.

And while there are people who will choose to
love those who have adopted this attitude,
as Charlie clearly demontrated,
there comes a time when
enough is enough.

The same is also true for those
cocky, arrogant, self-satisfied
out there who have fallen for the trend and have adopted the
"Asshole Attitude".

Though these attitudes might make one feel better
for a time,
they aren't becoming or cute
nor do they empower a person,
rather they isolate and
  add to one's misery.

no one likes a Bitch or an
Asshole for very long.

And seriously,
I hope these trends fade away

Of course, by the end of the movie,
both Charlie and Emily see the error of their
ways,  reconcile and
 live happily ever after;
or so I presume.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sex Isn't a Big Deal

"Sex isn't a big deal."

I said that a few weeks ago to
two of my children
(and a couple of their friends).
And within the context of our conversation,
I assumed that what I meant was clear.
yesterday, my youngest daughter
mentioned it to me and revealed that
she had mistook me as meaning something
entirely different than what I had intended!
We have always attempted to keep
the lines of communication open and clear
for our children about any subject they
wish to discuss.
No topic is taboo or off limits in our home.
But perception is a funny thing.
And without clear, open and free
things can easily become "sticky"
or convoluted.
So when I said,
"Sex isn't a big deal,"
I was implying that when you are in a
committed relationship/partnership
with another person,
sex is not necessarily at the forefront
of the relationship.
It is always an important part of the relationship,
but as life happens and
as time goes on,
sex is not as big of a deal as it was when
we were younger or new to one another.
In a healthy, loving relationship,
sex is a benefit rather than
 something we struggle to abstain from
something which we strive to obtain.
I'm thankful that Girl2 brought this up again
so that I could clarify my (very serious) comment
which she had perceived as being flippant!
Which goes to show that any kind of relationship
without clear communication is
a disaster waiting to happen!

Raising children in a safe, honest & open
environment is essential to their well-being
on into adulthood.
And I am so glad that we have chosen this path!
P.S.: My children (and friends) are teens/young adults and are
mature and capable of handling such topics of conversation.
No need to report me to the authorities for exposing
children to illicit conversation!

Friday, July 25, 2014

On Being in My Own Head

Want to hear some
Good News?
God has a desire for
and has made Himself
readily available for
with every one of us.
And after I shared
the other day
about being frustrated with
being in my own head so much,
He gently,
reminded me that when
I am in my "own head",
I converse with Him.
Sometimes I miss out on things
because I'm not fully present in
the physical moment.
But being in my own head
isn't a bad thing.
And just because
what I share isn't "relevant"
in the mind of one person
doesn't mean that it's not relevant at all.
It's relevant to me.
It's relevant to God.
it's worth my time to share.
Because what I share is
who I am.
And at the end of the day,
I know that when I retreat back
into my own head,
God is there,
ready for conversation.
And this is
Good News!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Here's a Thought

The systematic killing,
mass murder
of any people group
by another is
regardless of
who's doing it.

It has everything to do with
man's pride
and the driving force behind it
absolutely nothing to do with
"God's will".

Frustratingly Me

I have a problem.
"Only one?" you ask.
Yes, well,
I have lots of problems
but one has been
frustrating me lately.
I have these blogs where
I want to write about
and share things,
every day things,
that people can relate to.
I find that I walk
through the daily,
mundane things of life
on auto pilot
and at the end of the day,
when I try to recall something
I can write about,
I come up blank.
Through the course of the day
I will "check in"
on social and/or news media
to see what's going on
"out there"
and before I realize it's happening,
my thoughts focus in on one thing
and I spend the day mulling it over -
and over -
and over.
Then BAM!
The day is gone.
It's time for bed
and I have nothing
(so I've been told)
to share.
I am too much in my own head.
And lately,
it's frustrating.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Startlingly Simple

Ever wondered why people
were so drawn to
without limits,
conditions or
He was
loving and
And He said,
"If you want to please God,
be like Me."
So simple.
And He said,
"Love God.
Love others."
That's it.
No further instruction needed.
Christians could sure
take some lessons
from Him.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Belief, History and Reality

In our vast
and diverse
there are a few
thoughts or beliefs
in which
most agree.
One is that there does exist
a Higher Power,
Great Spirit
who is Good.
Another is that
Good and Evil
do exist.
A third is that
Love and Hatred
are real and relevant emotions,
if not forces,
which we all deal with.

And fourthly,
history does repeat itself.
We know that where there is hatred,
there is strife.
But where there is Love,
there is peace.
So we surmize that
Love is rooted in Goodness
and that
Hatred is rooted in Evil.
 if we believe that
 the Higher Power,
Great Spirit -
has a hand in,
and is delighted
when one people group attempts
to obliterate
another people group,
then, sadly,
we have missed the point altogether.
history does
repeat itself.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Finding Laughter

I love a good laugh.
It's good for the heart;
good for the soul.
Indeed, I feel better
after a good laugh,
laughter doesn't come easily for me.
I guess
I'm too serious & introspective
I laugh far too little.
And I've observed, lately,
 that few people
actually do laugh these days.
You may be thinking,
"Lady, you're nuts.
People laugh all the time."
but I'm not talking about
cynical or ironic laughter
laughter at the expense of others.
I'm talking about
laughter for the fun
of laughing.
I don't know where
laughter has gone,
but I'm gonna find it!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

"Just" Some Thoughts

God created us with minds
with which to
He gave each of us
free will.
the more limits,
rules, regulations
& laws
we institute;
the more we disbelieve,
negate, scoff
& "poo-poo";
the more we judge,
oppress &
become intolerant,
the less like God
we become.

God is ALWAYS good
and ALWAYS does good.
when our
thoughts, deeds,
actions & words
are good,
the more like
we are.