Monday, May 30, 2016

Requirements Fulfilled

In January, 
without much ado,
Girl2 fulfilled her
High School graduation

photo credit:Manboy

But since
public school ceremonies
took place last week in
the little town in which we live,
we celebrated our Girl
last night with a
low-key family
"build your own pizza" dinner.

It was intimate,
quiet (mostly)
and maybe a little dull
for some,
but we wanted her to know
that we love her 
and are proud of
 the woman she is becoming.

photo credit:Manboy

She doesn't have the rest of her life
mapped out
but she does know what she wants.

And as she embarks upon 
the next leg of her journey
she can rest assured
that Mr. H and I will continually
cheer her on as she goes.

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