Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Suffer the Children

"I remand you to the State 
to be warehoused until you are 18 years of age...
I know you've had rough time
but it's time to grow up."

This from a juvenile court judge
to a 16 year old boy
whose three most influential men in his life
are all abusers.

How on earth can he possibly know how to
"grow up"?

All the while,
the local judges and authorities 
look the other way
while the boys' main abuser
goes on with his life,
walking free to abuse the children who remain
in his care and custody.

 Examples of our tax dollars at work.

How do they sleep at night,
I want to know?

And this boy;
none of his crimes have been so severe.
The only person he has harmed
is himself.
Yet, is left to suffer and
pay for the crimes of his abusers.

How can this possibly be?
What kind of society are we?
Civilized - I sincerely doubt,
when it is more important to be in a position
which holds clout.

Hell is for children
when those who are supposed to protect and nurture
turn theirs backs on the

I am beyond baffled
and sickened to the core.

Generation after generation.
When will it all end?
Our children,
who will defend?

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