Thursday, March 19, 2015

Be Not Afraid

The past decade of my life
has been one of great personal growth 
with some major "soul-searching"
and intense self-examination.

 I have observed 
that fear has played a major part in my life.
In fact, I have observed
that fear, indeed, 
plays a major factor in our society
(and likely in the whole of humanity).

I recently (like today-ha)
made a list of things that we have been
taught or conditioned to fear.
The list is as it came to my mind and is
 extensive but certainly not all-inclusive.

Here goes:
Fear strangers,
the dark,
the unknown.

Be afraid of cultures, ideas and lifestyles which are different than yours.

Be afraid of the night.

Be afraid of getting bad grades.
Fear failure.

Fear God,
making mistakes.

Be afraid of being different,
of standing out,
of going against the norm,
of taking chances.

Fear lack, want and having to go without.
Fear Poverty.

Fear those who are "different".

Fear religion.
Fear Non-religion.
Fear science.

Be afraid of the devil.
Fear aliens, monsters and creatures unknown.
Fear THE unknown.

Be afraid of exploring new ideas,
of "free thinkers"
of "new agers".

Be afraid to think for yourself.

Fear rebellion.
Be afraid of being rebellious.

Fear not being included.
Fear being alone.

Be afraid of breaking the rules.

Be afraid of being unconditionally kind.

Fear disease and illness.
Fear death.

Be very afraid...

Fear your own shadow.

Fear abuse, injustice.
Fear ignorance,

Be afraid to trust your instincts.

Be afraid to overcome your fears.

Be afraid to think outside the box.
Fear stepping out of the box.

Be afraid of saying, "no",
of disagreeing.

Be afraid of being judged,
of what others think.

Be afraid of being Free.

Fear kindness (from others).

Fear the elements.

Fear the wrath of others.

Fear. Fear. Fear.

Fear your oppressors.

Fear your Maker.

Fear Love.

Be afraid of being wrong.

Be afraid of getting hurt.

Be afraid of standing up for yourself,
of speaking up,
of speaking out.

Fear the government,
the IRS.
Fear people in authority.

Fear the future.
Fear living one moment at a time.

The list could go on and on,
but life is calling me.

I once read something that said all things are rooted 
in one of two things,
either Fear or Love.

I didn't agree with it at the time,
but now I can see that it makes (some) sense.

 I do know that fear accomplishes one thing -
it keeps us from Living!

The past decade has often been hard
but I wouldn't change it (much) 
because without my struggles,
I wouldn't be free from all that had kept me from living.

 I now live 
a life without fear - 

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