Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Last Goodbye

This evening I had one last opportunity to sit in my parent's yard - 
the yard in which they invested thousands of dollars 
and poured countless hours of labor into.

That yard was my mom's pride and joy
and served as her own private sanctuary.

As I said my last goodbye to that which they so dearly cherished,
I sat and observed all of the things which are missing and have died due to neglect
and also marveled at the things which have survived in spite of it:
mom's beloved Lilac bush, lovingly planted in memory of her favorite aunt;
a few remaining Rose bushes,
 painstakingly cared for so as to yield the most fragrant and lush roses possible;
a few Poppies, and various trees & bushes;
which all pay tribute to my parents.

As the tears streamed down my face,
they joined me with their presence;
mom and dad did,
and together we mourned the loss 
of all they had worked so hard for.

Upon returning to my house I was feeling discouraged
by the heartlessness of people.
With the tears still streaming down my face,
I looked out my kitchen window to see the faintest portion of a rainbow
and it reminded me that despite the wretchedness of people, 
God is still faithful and good.

And He (God) gently and lovingly reminded me that despite the attempts of people
and the way things appear right now,
the promises which He made to me and my husband concerning our move here
(twelve years ago)
are still valid.

He doesn't change His mind, 
His promises always come to pass
and absolutely NOTHING is impossible!

Thank You God!

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