Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Anniversary

One year ago, November 30, 2014
my dad, Joseph (Joe) Luis Sahagun Jr.
passed from this earth.

  He was preceded in death by his wife Lynda
 (the love of his life),
his mother, two brothers, a nephew
and various other loved ones.
In May, his dad went to join him. 

His three children, 
ten grandchildren, great-grandchild,
four sisters, two brothers
and many friends are left to remember him.

My dad was a proud, hard-working,
and complex man.
In good times and in bad, he held his head high.
He held fast to his convictions and
made his opinions known.
You may have known his mood,
but he kept most things private.

He diligently provided for his family
and was rarely idle
 (except on Sundays during football season).
Even after retiring from over thirty years in the trucking industry,
he worked odd jobs for the next decade
  always finding something to do.

But the last four years of his life were probably
the most difficult years he ever had to face.
He was lonely and he missed my mom
every day.

Dad was a man of many emotions and
often full of contradictions 
but he loved his family fiercely.

So much so, that at the end of his life,
the only thing that mattered to him
was knowing that his children
and grandchildren loved him back.

And we do.

That is why on this day,
the anniversary of his passing,
we say, "Happy Anniversary!";
because we know that he has been
reunited with the one he loved the most
and that he is now truly happy
and has complete peace.

We love you dad!

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